Working with Stephen Kramer Glickman: Coming Soon

Based on the 1972 interviews conducted by Studs Terkel, Stephen Kramer Glickman interviews the head honcho’s of companies, followed by the everyday employees that keep these companies operational. Each episode will explore the lives of working people and what they do every day. From Michelin star chefs to theme park designers, Glickman examines how people are affected by their  jobs and explores the journey that brought them to their positions. Working is a true case study in what it’s like to work on every industry imaginable, from the top to the bottom.
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  • Stephen Kramer GlickmanHost

    Stephen Kramer Glickman is an actor/singer/writer best known for playing Gustavo Rocque on the Nickelodeon series "Big Time Rush" and for starring alongside Jennifer Aniston ...

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