The Music Fringe

The Music Fringe puts a spotlight on music that falls outside the mainstream. Meet the artists as host Lee Ackerley delves into and dissects their unique sounds and styles. The Music Fringe includes broader discussions on the niche music genres that the eccentric and progressive artists inhabit.
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  • #7 – Gothabilly with Zach Person

    June 4, 2021

    Zach Person comes on the Music Fringe to discuss early tragedy, early success and a bizarre microgenre of music called ‘Gothabilly’. From American Idol to launching his own record label, Zach has continued to evolve and innovate throughout his music journey. We talk about the music and skateparks in Houston, the legend of Screaming Jay Hawkins, and the music preferences for the cast of Sponge Bob Squarepants.


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  • #6 – Dance Punk with T.I.T.S

    June 4, 2021

    Nnedi and Andrew of ‘electro tribe’ band, Trouble in the Streets, come on the Music Fringe to talk about their politically charged music style as well as the microgenre of Dance Punk. We talk about faux Christian bands, prog rock as a torture tool in Gauntanamo and the deep schadenfreude involved in the birth of LCD Soundsytem’. We hear about Trouble in the Street’s influences like bands, Hiatus Kaiyote and Animals As Leaders, while imagining what music that Ted Cruz likes to dance alone in the mirror too. Witness the reemergence of one of Austin’s most galvanizing bands, as we talk about T.I.T.S’s post-pandemic future.


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  • #5 – Tropical House with DJ Ferno

    May 27, 2021

    DJ Ferno comes on the Music Fringe to discuss touring with Jazzy Jeff, moving to Austin during a pandemic, and discovering his passion for House Music. We also delve into the world of Tropical House music that is egregiously dominated by affluent, amphetamined, finance-bro Europeans who co-opted Caribbean rhythms and tropical vibes to seemingly sell Carnival cruise tickets. We discuss Shazam etiquette, double claps, and the collaborative nature of the Austin community as we throw praise on Madonna, India Arie, and Chance the Rapper. Join the Music Fringe as we dissect the farce of a music genre that is Tropical House, and the vapid and commercialized shell of a scene that it has become.

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  • Lee AckerleyHost

    "Lee Ackerley describes himself as a musical dilettante, meaning he has deep interest in musical arts but lacks knowledge on the on the subject. This ...

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  • Billy King Guest

    The front man of Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad, a sub-genre of Pirate Metal band. The ballad is currently being written. Visit

  • Topaz McGarrigle Guest

    Topaz McGarrigle is a musician and member of  Golden Dawn Arkestra.

  • Jesse Beaman Guest

    Jesse Beaman is a musician, multi instrumentalist and composer based in Austin, Texas.

  • Jane Ellen Bryant Guest

    Jane Ellen Bryant is a musician and singer/songwriter from Austin, TX.

  • Daniel Leopold Guest

    Daniel Leopold is the frontman of Leopold.

  • DJ Ferno Guest

    DJ Ferno has toured with other well known DJs around the world.