The Music Fringe

The Music Fringe puts a spotlight on music that falls outside the mainstream. Meet the artists as host Lee Ackerley delves into and dissects their unique sounds and styles. The Music Fringe includes broader discussions on the niche music genres that the eccentric and progressive artists inhabit.
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  • #1 – Psychedelic Surf Music and Pirate Metal With Billy King

    January 12, 2021

    The Music Fringe dives into the subgenre of Pirate Metal with featured guest, Billy King, from the psych rock band Billy King & The Bad Bad Bad. The music dilettantes dive into the fascinating world of pirate metal and the creative genius and mental illness that inhabit it. Christopher Walken, Powerman 5000, and abusive Disney princes all make appearances in this unraveling of music minds.

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  • Lee AckerleyHost

    "Lee Ackerley describes himself as a musical dilettante, meaning he has deep interest in musical arts but lacks knowledge on the on the subject. This ...

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