The Jeff Ward Show

The Jeff Ward Show is for those who are unafraid to be intellectually challenged. With no political, social or moral agenda, snarky Austin-based host, Jeff Ward, consistently challenges his audience to examine relevant issues and situations in alternative ways. Ward, who is known for his bold, irreverent commentary on stuff that matters, never leaves listeners without their curiosity piqued, their beliefs challenged or their minds reeling. If you crave more of those “whoa” moments in your life, then you need The Jeff Ward Show.
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  • Jeff WardHost

    After a long and successful run during drive-time radio, as well as with Gannett Media, Jeff Ward brought his self-described “barstool for thousands” to Hot ...

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  • Dan Naturman Guest

    Dan Naturman began performing stand-up comedy several years ago in, believe it or not, law school. After graduation, he decided to devote himself to stand-up full time. Comedy, he discovered, was his true passion. Besides, his grades were bad and nobody would hire him. Dan's charming combination of self-deprecation and outright grouchiness has had audiences howling from coast to coast and has earned him four appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, Conan, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, his own "Comedy Central Presents..." special and a starring run on NBC's America's Got Talent.

  • Steve Adler Guest

    Steve Adler is a lawyer, politician and has been the mayor of Austin, Texas since 2015.

  • Steven Kalish Guest

    Steven Kalish was one of the largest marijuana smugglers of all time. His dangerous occupation took him all over the world, from Texas to Florida, to the Cayman Islands to Panama City, and eventually, to prison. Kalish co-wrote a book with Nikki Palomino about his experiences called "The Last Gentleman Smuggler" that is projected for release in December of 2021.

  • Julie Oliver Guest

    Julie Oliver is a politician, healthcare finance expert and co-founder of Ground Game Texas, an organization dedicated to increasing participation in democracy and enacting progressive change. She was a congressional candidate for District 25 in Texas. With no insider connections, Julie ran a 100% PAC-free campaign in 2018 and garnered more votes than any Democrat in the history of District 25. She has 20 years of experience in healthcare finance and taxation, and she was appointed by the Austin City Council to serve on the board of Central Health, whose mission is delivering healthcare to low-income Texans. In this role, Julie has been an outspoken champion for accountability and transparency, and for getting high-quality healthcare to Texas communities that have traditionally been underserved.

  • John Kay Guest

    John Kay is a singer, songwriter and wildlife advocate. For over 50 years, John was the frontman of the renowned rock band Steppenwolf. Now John and his spouse Jutta devote most of their time to their nonprofit organization, the Maue-Kay Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting and uplifting individuals and organizations engaged in the protection of wildlife, the environment and human rights. John Kay also has a podcast with Hot Pie Media! You can find John Kay's "From Rock Star to Wildlife Advocate" here!

  • Simon van Zuylen-Wood Guest

    Simon van Zuylen-Wood is a journalist based in New York City. He writes for publications such as New YorkVanity Fair, The Atlantic, and Bloomberg Businessweek.