The Deb O’Keefe Podcast

Smart, funny, engaging, and entertaining, Deb O’Keefe blends her English sense of humour and oft original takes on life, with her deep passion for social causes and animal welfare. 20 years of waking up Austinites on the radio has given her a loyal audience. Add in her love of music, uncanny general trivia knowledge and a very large competitive bone, Deb will reel you in with her English accent and keep you captive for the whole podcast.
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  • Deb O’KeefeHost

    Smart, funny, engaging, and entertaining, Deb O’Keefe blends her English sense of humour and oft original takes on life, with her deep passion for social ...

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  • Rebecca Corry Guest

    Rebecca Corry is a comedian, writer and actress. Rebecca founded the Stand Up for Pits Foundation to work against abuse and discrimination towards pit bulls. In 2014, she organized the One Million Pibble March On Washington, which had an estimated 4,500 attendees, in an effort to end breed-specific legislation and dogfighting.

  • James O’Keefe Guest

    James O'Keefe is the husband of Beverley Knight, an English recording artist and musical theatre actress who has been performing since 1995. James has a podcast called "The Plus Ones Podcast," that details the life and experiences of those married to celebrities. Oh, and he's Deb's brother.

  • Dr. Kazique Prince Guest

    Dr. Kazique J. Prince is the founder and chief executive officer of Jelani Consulting, LLC, based in Austin, Texas. Jelani Consulting provides executive consultation and coaching services focused on cultural competency for individuals, teams and organizations. Dr. Prince also serves as the senior policy advisor and education coordinator for City of Austin Mayor Steve Adler. In the Mayor’s office, education, equitable economic development and public safety are under his portfolio, as well as efforts to develop, plan and execute strategies to dismantle institutional racism and systemic inequities, promote equity and inclusion and meet strategic goals within the Mayor’s agenda.

  • Shag Arrington Guest

    Jayson Arrington, publicly known as "SHAG" on MotorTrend’s top-rated series “Iron Resurrection,” is part of the successful formula of the program. On “Iron Resurrection,” he is the outgoing negotiator who hunts down deals and barters the best price. Shag has a contagiously positive energy and the ability to energize those who share the screen with him. Known as the deal finder and haggler, or "Shaggler," he and Mandi find everything from vehicles for the builds to the hard-to-find parts. Shag also brings in new customers and business through his background in marketing and years of building relationships. Shag's also been featured on “Iron Resurrection: Refueled,” where the cast tells off-camera stories from prior seasons. He has hosted Daily Spotlight segments for MotorTrend during the 2018 Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale. Shag was also seen on an episode of Diners, Drive-In and Dives, when they visited his friend's BBQ joint SLAB! Shag wants fans of Iron Resurrection to be inspired to get out and finish or start a project with their friends or family. He says he always appreciates fan feedback and looks forward to this summer’s car show and shooting more episodes of Iron Resurrection and whatever MotorTrend needs him to do.

  • Doug Benson Guest

    Doug Benson is a comedian, marijuana rights advocate, television host, actor, and reality-show judge who has appeared on Getting Doug With High, Comedy Central Presents, Best Week Ever, and Trailer Park Boys, and was a contestant on Last Comic Standing in the show's fifth season.