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The Amy Edwards Show dives into dynamic topics that enhance life in a multitude of ways with electric host Amy Edwards. Amy brings humor, irreverence, reflection, realness, fun, and a shining, metaphysical energy to every conversation. Thought-provoking guests and Amy’s own life experiences shape this into an unforgettable, transformative show.
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  • #23 – How To ‘Be The Tool You Need’ and Consciously Catalyze Your Life with Aline Hanle, Spiritual Guide, Mindfulness Mentor, and Cosmic Compass Game Creator

    June 17, 2021

    THIS EPISODE! Wow. Aline Hanle may be one of the most spiritually advanced people I have ever met in my life. I met Aline when she walked in to do this show, and she blew me AWAY the moment she started talking… and it didn’t stop. Aline delves into her personal transformation and spiritual understanding, what brought her to the US from France, and how she created the game ‘Cosmic Compass,’ which we play on the show! But get ready to be moved and inspired by her knowing that WE are the tool— every tool we use, we already ARE. It’s just a matter of listening and knowing, and she tells us precisely how to do that. So…. will I listen when we play the game and she explains abundance to me?


    For me today, I finally did a Voilá session with Kimberly and TK Stretching, and it was eye-opening for sure. I share a trauma from when I was 7, and how it has finally shifted, and the practice that got me there. It’s a simple practice that you can do anytime, anywhere!


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  • #22 – How To Spiral UP with Cam Nelson, Sky Walker and Performance Coach

    June 10, 2021

    Cam Nelson, professional Highliner and Performance Coach, is such an amazing human with so much practice and wisdom! I love this guy and I align with his vision of life so much. But how do we stay ‘up’ when we can be pulled down so easily? Cam shares his beautiful practices, including how he starts his day to ensure a ‘spiral upward,’ and how we really need to put our phones down, especially in the morning. So many amazing reminders and life lessons packed into this episode, and advice on taking risks and transforming your life through dedication and practice. Spiral UP with us! Also be sure to catch Cam’s podcast, The Line to Mastery.


    I also share how I have been dealing with grief and loss and change, and three practices around that. Listen for the end for my practices and Cam’s that align, that you can start too!


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  • #21 – How To Take Control of Your Wellness with Brigham Buhler, founder and CEO of Ways2Well

    June 4, 2021

    Are you ready to get well-er? Who isn’t ready to hack their health? My friend Brigham Buhler has worked in the pharma and health industries for many years, which led him on a path to founding Ways2Well, a platform that helps people affordably understand their health and take charge of their prescriptions and wellness— without insurance getting in the way. Warning: This episode will piss you off— I challenge anyone to not get angry at the system we are forced to use. But in the best way— one that helps you get healthier in a manageable way. The “health care” industry is rigged to fail us, so hear what is truly going on there behind the scenes from someone who knows, and that it all doesn’t have to cost us a fortune.


    Also, I go into self love and share a couple of personal stories about how we are really showing up in the world. Would we get a 5-star review in how we show up? And here I am asking for them…. listen to how that plays out in this incredible episode.


    Big thanks to Brigham, too, who was also kind enough to offer new Ways2Well clients a discount with code AMY10! I have loved it and am so grateful for it. This episode is NOT sponsored content or an ad. Just something that I truly wanted to share.


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  • #20 – How To FEEL GORGEOUS with Jessica Smith, Author and Podcast/Radio Host of “The Game Of Love”

    May 27, 2021

    Jessica Smith, author of “21 Days to Feeling Gorgeous,” joins us today to talk about truly getting to a place of feeling love for ourselves. How do we do that in a world of challenges, competition, social media, beauty culture, and so much more? Jessica has spent years honing her practices of self-love, and we go deep into manifestation, what we are putting out into the world and vibrating, why she no longer uses the word “worthy,” and— well— just a lot more. It’s an incredible convo that resonated with me deeply and spoke to the things I truly believe! Find Jessica HERE and her book HERE!


    And I talk today about what it means to truly bring our A-game. Isn’t that the point of the habits we build? What is truly bringing our A-game, anyway? Let’s talk about it and see what comes up.


    Thank you for being here and remember that we have free stuff on the website and you can sign up for my newsletter to go deeper, too!

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  • #19 – How To Live a Story that Serves You with Erick Godsey, Coach, Writer, Storyteller, and Podcast Host of “The Myths That Make Us”

    May 20, 2021

    Erick Godsey steps in today to give us all that feels— and by that, I mean tapping into our bodies and somatic selves to do some real work on trauma. Erick is a master at understanding that we all have stories we tell ourselves and power to use those to foster healing. We go into, among many things: “repressed” memories, how our animal bodies respond to trauma, what healing really is and how we can do it even if we can’t identify the trauma, what intimacy is, and the story of the daemon that we all have within us. This may sound intimidating, but trust me, it’s not— Erick has a peaceful and deliberate style that explains it all in a way that we can understand and use to become our best versions and truly hone our practices. Learn more about him at or at Fit for Service, and join me in doing The Dharma Journal for when Erick returns for part two!


    This week, too, on my segment, I cover the idea of Outrageous Openness and all that might entail and how to bring more of it to our own life— because it pushes us out of our comfort zone, for sure, and there’s so much value in that if we want to truly grow. And stay for the end when I talk about an Affirmation experiment for us all to try— maybe there’s a true power in sarcasm, who knows?


    Thank you for being here and showing up for yourself. Please take a few seconds to rate, subscribe, review and share! Thank you, from my heart to yours.



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  • #18 – How To Be HEARD with Sky King, Founder of Modern Stoa

    May 20, 2021

    Ready to “gravitationally create”? I mean, who isn’t? This is one of my most favorite conversations I’ve had since I started podcasting in 2014. Sky King, founder of, is an expert in the podcast field and podcast marketing, and understands what gets heard. He’s an early adapter, ultra-curious, and interesting as hell. Sky gets very vulnerable about trauma in his past and how he transformed it; talks how he completely changed both his personal work life and got in alignment; how to get un-stuck and out of what he calls “purgatory”; what “monetizing sincerity” means; and whether the podcast market is over-saturated and where it is going (spoiler alert: it’s not oversaturated and it’s going EVERYWHERE). This conversation will speak to you on a very human level, about who we fundamentally are and what we truly all want. Big big thanks to Sky— I nearly cried about 5 times during this one. And don’t forget to download his journal creation with Erick Godsey at


    Also, I talk today about how to allow our physicality to be heard when it is trying to tell us something, and the paradox of being heard on a larger scale. Subscribe to my newsletter at to go deeper, too, on this.


    Stay til the end for this week’s affirmation, or find it on my Instagram at @realamyedwards.



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  • #17 – How To Tarot and Understand Codependency with Addie Broyles, Writer, Tarot Card Reader, Podcaster

    May 20, 2021

    I have a lot of thoughts on forgiveness this week— namely, forgiveness of ourselves. How can we do that on a small scale, like when we fall off of good habits, and on a larger scale, like when we look back on things we find shameful? What practices can we implement to truly forgive ourselves when we fall into beating ourselves up?


    Addie Broyles comes in today to take the mystery out of tarot and also provide her codependency expertise. I had a codependency fog descend in my own life just this week, and I needed help, and what a gift her knowledge provides. She explains that, and then takes it all further by providing tarot readings with a focus on grief and codependency. She explains a lot about understanding tarot for anyone, and does a very cool three card reading for me during the show! Also, stay til the end for her final message, which even she didn’t expect! You can follow @dontfearthedeathcard on Instagram to learn more or sign up for a session at Also look for her new show, “Addie and Dani read Tarot,” coming this summer.


    My Instagram Live Meditation on Forgiving Yourself.


    The Deck Addie Uses, Tarot of the Holy Spectrum, is HERE


    Addie is a longtime writer and community builder in Austin. She’s a founder of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance and a mom of two boys who writes about parenting, travel, and real healing and whatever else she’s interested in on her Substack, which is called The Feminist Kitchen. She has two upcoming podcasts: “Addie and Dani, Read Tarot” and “Class Reunion Podcast.” This spring, she launched Don’t Fear the Death Card, a tarot card reading service that specializes in using tarot cards for team building, grief work and codependency.

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  • #16 – How To LISTEN with Amy

    April 29, 2021

    Are you ready to listen? How good a listener ARE you? This week, I had all things listening come up for me: whether from COVID or hapé ceremony or from a disagreement with my partner. I recognize the irony of talking about listening, but maybe we can use the study and practice of getting really quiet to make us better speakers and more clear in our purpose and message. I studied the four types of listening, then added my own. BONUS: we do a listening active meditation today that can make us more grateful for listening and strengthen our voice! Get ready!


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  • #15 – How To Love it ALL (And We Mean ALL) with East Forest, Music Artist

    April 22, 2021

    This week, I realize that I have gotten what I have asked for— ways to be kinder to my body and appreciate this physical experience more deeply. I went into a k-hole, got covid, and did ice baths. It was a lot! I had to shift how I have been relating and thinking about my physicality, and maybe you can too.


    In the interview, this week, get ready to have your mind blown, reassembled, and then blown again. Repeatedly! East Forest— also called Krishna— possesses wisdom and humor and is just flat-out interesting as hell and so much fun. He talks about God, too, in here, and how we can truly love it ALL. Is that possible? Listen and let me know what you think.


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  • #14 – How To Heal Using COLD Plunge with Adrienne Jezick, Cold Coach and Co-Founder of Morozko Forge

    April 16, 2021

    I continue on my physical exploration of being kinder to my body this week and talk about what I discovered after letting it all hang out in public and more in Costa Rica and how that affected me. I am working on being nicer to myself, and we can with small steps.


    And speaking of small steps! I’m joined this episode by the totally amazing Adrienne Jezick, cold coach (yes, you read that right— she’s one of only a few in the world!) and co-founder of Morozko Forge Ice Bath. Adrienne’s story of healing— physically, emotionally, spiritually— is powerful. And mind-blowing. Because she did it with cold water. Seriously. This is a moving story about what we can do if we test our limits with small steps and getting uncomfortable. Want to be your best self? Have you tried this? I’m about to start, and this story is what is pushing me! Jump in with me today!

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  • #13 – How To Go Easier on Yourself with Meg Sylvester, Kundalini Yoga Expert, Meditation and Spiritual Guide

    April 8, 2021

    This week, I talk about one simple strategy for going easier on yourself. We seriously can get better at it and improve our lives in the process! Our guest today echoes that and listen till the end as I combine our practical ideas and prospective habits.


    Meg Sylvester joins for a talk about her pivotal shift in finding her purpose, body positivity (listen as I share a ton about that personally too- click HERE for this week’s newsletter that has one of the photos I was talking about in the episode!), lessons from “nada” Ayahuasca journeys, and much more. She has brilliant wisdom to share with us all, so don’t miss this conversation! More on Meg HERE.



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  • #12 – How To Alchemize Grief with Marina Pirkle, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Grief Recovery Specialist, Healer and Coach

    April 1, 2021

    Amy talks about how to keep our hearts open and love more fully in the face of resistance that comes up, the benefits of Breathwork and her recent session with John Barry, and a simple self-love practice that can keep our hearts more open to love and relax our minds while falling asleep.


    Marina Pirkle joins today to talk about grief and how we can find the tools we need to deal with it when it arises in all its overwhelmingness. This episode is for everyone, as we all process grief at one time or another. Marina shares about her very dark time of learning about grief and almost taking her own life in the shock that was the aftermath of the death of her sister, who was also a daughter to her. Amy shares her own grief from her father’s passing and a friend who passed recently. How can we get more out of our heads and into our hearts, and what will that bring us? She answers this and more and addresses the new mosaic of self that can be created after we are broken. Marina also generously offers free resources to all of us that you can access HERE.




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  • #11 – How To Shift Your Perspective and Live to Learn with Rafael Lovato Jr., Former MMA World Champion and BJJ Competitor and Instructor

    March 18, 2021

    Full perspective shifts are on this week. Amy takes the topic of habits further yet, asking questions about how we can move from the feeling of “have-to” to “get-to.” What in our life feels like a chore? Where are the things required of us, and how can we shift into feeling those are fun rather than taxing? Is it possible in all things?


    This week’s guest is brilliant, eloquent, and a focused master of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts – Rafael Lovato Jr. Oh, and, a focused master of life in general. Rafael shares what he has learned from his dedicated study of martial arts that we can all apply to life; how he found gratitude after a diagnosis of a brain condition called cavernoma; and how we are all artists creating the masterpiece of us in every moment. There’s so much great takeaway packed into this conversation, and it was Rafael’s favorite podcast he has ever done. Not to be missed!





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  • #10 – How To Heal and Be Your Wildest, Truest Self with Ella Kociuba, Pro Obstacle Racer and Artist

    March 18, 2021

    This is one of our most powerful episodes to date! Join Amy to talk about finding the habits that don’t serve us and how we can pay attention to those spaces and start to change them with simple, pragmatic tactics. Can we slow down, get quiet, do what truly serves us?


    This episode’s conversation with Ella Kociuba is especially incredible. Ella has overcome living with intense pain due to spinal issues, bulimia, and has helped herself lean into what serves her most and appreciate all that she has done in her life – even the parts that she used to feel shame and pain over. She shares deeply personal stories of her trauma and eating disorder and proves that vulnerability is true strength. She is a model of self-love and embracing all that we are. Truly beautiful!


    You can find Ella on Instagram @ellakociuba and on her Patreon. You can also reach out to her at

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  • #9 – How to Electrify Your Intuition Superpower! with Caitlyn Howe, The Poet Queen

    March 8, 2021

    Today we are all in on Intuition! Amy talks about an exercise to tap into our chakras and keep them open, and following our intuition and relaxing into that. The magnetic and wise Caitlyn Howe joins us today too for a dynamic discussion on one of our innate superpowers as humans: Intuition. She talks about language, the intuitive nature and power of our hands, how we can better harness and step up our intuitive nature; and what she learned from her recent journey with Ayahuasca.


    Find more about Caitlyn Howe, personal development coach and transformational practice facilitator, writer, and full-time coach for the Aubrey Marcus FFS Fellowship ( at and on Instagram @thepoetqueen.

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  • #8 – How to Make Your Life ROCK

    March 2, 2021

    Yes – let’s make life rock more all the time. That’s why we are here, isn’t it? Amy flies solo this episode to share an easy five-step process you can implement to make life more rocking every day. There’s a great paradox within this, listen for that! And also hear how to go easier on yourself and slow down a bit. This episode can help you gain clarity, relax into the moment, and get more solid on your daily (or almost daily) practices! Plus, let’s touch on a gratitude accountability buddy and perhaps one very easy, tangible thing you can do to feel better every day.


    Let us know what you think! Email at And share with a friend, rate, review, and subscribe today!



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  • #7 – How to Get Past the Myth of Hard Work in Relationships and Beyond with Céline Remy and Kevin Anthony, Sex + Intimacy Coaches and Hosts of The Love Lab Podcast

    March 2, 2021

    Can we let it all be EASY already? This week, Amy talks unpreparedness, going easy on herself, and allowing ourselves to work “easy.” Can we create an experiment to manifest just that? Amy is a believer, so listen to the opening for more there.


    And do not miss the fantastic conversation with dynamic sex and intimacy experts Céline Remy and Kevin Anthony! They get very candid about their daily habits as a couple, which keeps them each whole and strong both as individuals and as a couple— and keep their sex life super rocking. These two walk the walk of what they talk, and it’s ultra inspiring. They give practical strategies for a romance list (yes please!), tips for what to do if your partner isn’t as engaged as you would like, how to adapt if you aren’t with a partner, SEX MAGIC starter advice, being in a constant start of arousal, and so much more, including shifting the mindset to relationships as fun and practice and alive. This is powerful, life-transforming wisdom!


    Stay until the end for this week’s Affirmation with Amy and her wrap-up thoughts.


    Be sure to check out Céline and Kevin at the following links:


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  • #6 – How to Leverage Your Connection to Nature with Tim Corcoran, Nature Based Purpose Discovery Guide

    March 2, 2021

    What tools do we have in every moment, at our disposal, every day? More than you might think! Amy talks tools, and who we are in every moment; and the incredibly wise and nature-connected Tim Corcoran joins today and gives practical advice for connecting to nature and in turn, connecting more to our own inner wisdom and purpose. Amy experienced it firsthand, and Tim also has ideas for bringing leveraging nature in our daily lives, which can slow us down (in a good way!) and tune us in. Don’t miss this fantastic interview, and… if you think you don’t need nature, then you definitely need to listen to this!


    Be sure to check out


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  • #5 – You Are Not Alone In Your Journey of Finding Purpose with Angela Choi, Life Purpose and Career Coach

    January 12, 2021

    Amy talks loneliness during the pandemic, we get grounded together, and cover the inner voice of wisdom. Life Purpose Coach Angela Choi joins us from NYC and we talk about her background as a child of two Chinese immigrants, how she found her calling, and we go deep into the forever journey of finding our life’s purpose. We also get into her “6 Steps to Living Your Purpose” guide, which is magical and super powerful. Listen to gain more clarity into your own life today and know that you are not alone!


    You can find Angela’s “6 Steps to Living Your Purpose” guide at


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  • #4 – Conscious Kink With Guest Kimi Inch, Professional Dominatrix and Somatic Therapist

    January 12, 2021

    If you’ve ever wondered what a fun-ishment is, strap in as Amy sits down with the fabulous, fun, and hilarious Kimi Inch [LINK], a somatic therapist, conscious kink expert, and educator. Amy and Kimi examine what it means to lean into trust in all aspects of life, specifically in intimate situations. Kimi and Amy both share very personal stories of their first sexually-tinged kink experiences, and how accepting your shadows and the things that we feel we need to hide can come out into the light.

    If you’re looking to rock life and develop into the most badass version of yourself, you’re in the right place! Listen at the end of every episode for affirmations, meditations and concrete, effective habit building strategies.

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  • #3 – STRENGTHEN YOUR PRACTICE: How to Make a Difference in Every Moment with Justin Wren, MMA Fighter and Humanitarian

    March 2, 2021

    Get stronger every day with quick nourishment for your practice. In this mini-episode, Amy returns with friend of the show Justin Wren, professional mixed martial artist and humanitarian who founded Fight for the Forgotten, to tell an emotional story from his recent trip and how it is an example of the practice of mindfulness in every moment.


    You can find Justin Wren on Instagram and Twitter @thebigpygmy and be sure to check out Fight for the Forgotten at


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  • #2 – Rebirth With Guest Justin Wren, MMA Fighter and Humanitarian

    January 12, 2021

    As we enter into a new year, there is no better time to talk about leaving the past behind and feeling reborn. Join Amy as she connects deeply with Justin Wren, a professional mixed martial artist and humanitarian who founded Fight for the Forgotten, who openly shares his powerful story of attempted suicide, recovery, rebirth, and overcoming addiction to move forward in life and leave the old behind.

    If you’re looking to rock life and develop into the most badass version of yourself, you’re in the right place! Stay for the end as Justin drops back in and shares his daily habits, and Amy provides affirmations, meditations and concrete, effective habit building strategies.

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  • #1 – Get NAKED With Amy in the New Year

    January 12, 2021

    It’s episode number one, but it’s not Amy’s first podcast. Explore with her what it means to get intentional, be in the moment, and let go of doing IT— whatever IT is— “right.” Amy tells the story of her first shows, how to learn from hindsight, shares a deep breakdown as she searched for how to get things “right” with this new podcast, and how to find understanding and peace in the knowing that there is no “right” or “wrong” way.

    Your voice is unique and matters in the way that you, and only YOU, do it. Join host Amy Edwards as she gets real and sets the tone for what’s to come in future episodes, on this first installment of her new podcast, The Amy Edwards Show. She dives into what it means to go into the new year— and any new venture or undertaking—naked, and allowing yourself to be exposed and seen as just who YOU are.

    If you’re looking to rock life and develop into the most badass version of yourself, you’re in the right place! Listen at the end of every episode for affirmations, meditations, and concrete, effective habit building strategies.

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