Poets’ Corner

Chris Jagger and his family recite their favorite poems and limericks on Poets’ Corner. Enjoy the writings and poems by A.A Milne, William Butler Yeats, Jane Austen, W.H. Davies, Emily Dickinson, Townes Van Zandt, James Stephens, John Keats, William Shakespeare, and other great poets from around the world.
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  • Chris JaggerHost

    Chris is a partner at Hot Pie Media and the younger and only brother of Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger. Mick may be older, but he ...

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  • Kari-Ann MollerHost

    Kari-Ann is the co-creator of Poet’s Corner and wife of co-host, Chris Jagger. Kari-Ann is probably best known for appearing on the cover of the ...

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  • Brandon JaggerHost

    Brandon is the co-host of Poets’ Corner and contributes voice-overs for numerous poems. Brandon is the grandson of Kari-Ann and Chris Jagger.

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