Overcome with Justin Wren

What battle are you fighting? Every week, host, Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren, a professional Mixed Martial Artist and humanitarian, explores real, life-changing stories of challenge, heartache, resilience, and triumph. In Justin’s new podcast, Overcome, he openly shares his powerful story of attempted suicide, overcoming bullying, drug addiction, and mental health issues to move forward in life and leave the old behind. Join Justin and other influential guests as they explore difficult tribulations and personal victories to discover what it truly means to Overcome. Listen in and leave inspired. DEFEAT HATE WITH LOVE!
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  • Justin WrenHost

    Justin Wren left a promising MMA career to live as one with the Mbuti Pygmies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Through his foundation, ...

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  • Nick Santonastasso Guest

    Nick Santonastasso is the perfect first guest for Overcome. Nick is an inspirational keynote speaker, bestselling author, bodybuilder, and fitness model. His story is sure to change your life. Nick has overcome a rare genetic condition, Hanhart Syndrome, and was born missing both his legs, one arm, and has only one finger. He is a master of confidence and mindset. He inspires Tony Robbins, The Rock, Ed Mylett, and many more.

  • Zach Bitter Guest

    Zach Bitter is an American ultramarathon runner. He set 5 world records for the 100-mile run and also the 12-hour run. Zach is humble, amazing and one of the world’s best athletes today. Zach overcomes any mental block to further his running ability and push past any limitations. He soon will be running across America, from the Golden Gate to the Brooklyn Bridge, in support of Fight for the Forgotten.

  • Jared Padalecki Guest

    Jared Padalecki, actor and co-founder of GoMantra.com, plays Walker, Texas Ranger on the CW every week, and he truly walks the walk. He starred in the hit CW series, Supernatural, for 15 years. Jared overcame his own mental setbacks along the way, and believes in being vocal about what we deal with in order to all overcome more easily together.

  • RJ Mitte Guest

    RJ Mitte is an actor, best known for playing Walter "Flynn" White Jr. on the AMC series Breaking Bad. RJ has cerebral palsy and has overcome bullying, familial issues, and so much more, to approach the world with immense humor and inspire countless others. RJ works with his nonprofit The Mitte Foundation to help those in need.  

  • Satsang Guest

    Drew McManus, better known as Satsang, is a touring music artist with a sound rooted in the mountains of Montana where he was born and now resides. Satsang overcame abuse, addiction, and near-death alcoholism to go on to a successful music career, happy family life, and lifelong martial arts journey. The new album "All. Right. Now." is available now via SideOneDummy Records.

  • Zuby Guest

    Zuby is an independent rapper, author, podcast host, coach, public speaker, and creative entrepreneur, with over 1 million followers on social media. He is the host of the 'Real Talk with Zuby' podcast and has a new album, 'Word of Zuby,' out now. Zuby is outspoken, sometimes controversial, and has overcome doubters and mindsets that didn’t serve him, especially as a grinding entrepreneur and independent artist.