Lee Ackerley

"Lee Ackerley describes himself as a musical dilettante, meaning he has deep interest in musical arts but lacks knowledge on the on the subject. This led to the creation of his show The Music Fringe so that he could acquire information on the various different forms of music and disclose all the details to us. Lee Ackerley is the editor of the Deli Magazine ( an online pub that focuses on local and unsigned bands). He also contributes music articles, reviews and, interviews for Austin Monthly, Do512, Glide Magazine. Ackerley enjoys holding photograph shows and curating playlists for various outlets. "
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The Music Fringe

The Music Fringe puts a spotlight on music that falls outside the mainstream. Meet the artists as host Lee Ackerley delves into and dissects their unique sounds and styles. The Music Fringe includes broader discussions on the niche music genres that the eccentric and progressive artists inhabit.