Kelly Lux

Kelly is the “Creative Whisperer” of Hot Pie Media. She has an instinctive ability to identify the good, the mediocre or the bad in product development and branding. Kelly has played an instrumental role in the development of numerous successful brands in the media and skin care industries. She is a proud “Navy brat” whose claim to fame is that she once lived in the John Wayne house at Pearl Harbor featured in the movie In Harm’s Way. Kelly is a dedicated mother, wife, artist, gardener, traveler, confidant, cook and wine connoisseur. She loves long walks in the park and animal videos. Her favorite Hot Pie is peach served warm with Amy’s Mexican Vanilla ice cream.
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Winey Girlz

Stop by for a glass of wine with business executives and friends Heather Baumli, Kelly Lux and Natalie Peyton. Together they journey the world (figuratively) to explore the best vineyards, grapes, regions, and wines. While learning about all things wine, the Winey Girlz drink, gossip and share candid opinions. In Vino Veritas! Cover art by Kathy Womack. Follow her on Instagram and like her on Facebook.