Heather Baumli

Heather is Senior Executive at iHeartMedia, Inc., an American mass media corporation. She is experienced and skilled in omni-channel brand creation, media relations and management. With a strong focus on purpose-driven marketing, she likes to say she’s become a behavior change scientist specializing in using data to inform both campaign strategy and media plans. Heather has developed regional and national multi-platform marketing campaigns. She specializes in large strategic initiatives delivering a coordinated multi-market approach using digital, broadcast audio, outdoor, social media, event marketing and engaging grass-roots outreach. Heather is a singer/songwriter and music has played a key role in her life. She brings passion and enthusiasm to Hot Pie Media.
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Winey Girlz

Stop by for a glass of wine with business executives and friends Heather Baumli, Kelly Lux and Natalie Peyton. Together they journey the world (figuratively) to explore the best vineyards, grapes, regions, and wines. While learning about all things wine, the Winey Girlz drink, gossip and share candid opinions. In Vino Veritas! Cover art by Kathy Womack. Follow her on Instagram and like her on Facebook.