Chris Jagger

Chris is a partner at Hot Pie Media and the younger and only brother of Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger. Mick may be older, but he is no wiser when it comes to the Arts. Chris has worked in theatre, film, journalism and fashion. Chris designed Jimi Hendrix’s shirt for his Electric Ladyland album cover and John Lennon’s jacket which recently sold at auction. He has made two records for Billy Gaff and David Geffen (Geffen Records) which have now achieved cult status. Chris worked as a lyricist with Franck Langolf and contributed to The Rolling Stones albums, Dirty Work and Steel Wheels. For the past 15 years, Chris has produced and hosted nationally syndicated show, The Blueseum of Fine Art and several specials for BBC Radio.  
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Poets’ Corner

Chris Jagger and his family recite their favorite poems and limericks on Poets’ Corner. Enjoy the writings and poems by A.A Milne, William Butler Yeats, Jane Austen, W.H. Davies, Emily Dickinson, Townes Van Zandt, James Stephens, John Keats, William Shakespeare, and other great poets from around the world.