Chad A. Fisher

Chad Fisher has been a stand-up comedian for nearly 10 years. He’s performed at many comedy festivals all over the country and has a bunch of viral sketches, impersonating Alex Jones, Nancy Grace, Preacher Kenneth Copeland, and more.  He also spent over 5 years as a sportswriter in Ohio and is a 2nd generation sports journalist. Chad covered the Cleveland Cavaliers along with practically every high school sport. Despite growing up in Ohio Chad is a die-hard University of Michigan fan and has attended several iconic games over the years. He was at the Kordell Stewart “Hail Mary” game, the Appalachian State game, and several Michigan-Ohio State games. Chad is also a huge Cleveland sports fan, rooting for the Cavs, Indians, and Browns.  He’s been in many NBA locker rooms and has interviewed some of the game’s best players including; LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, and many, many others.  He lives in Austin, Texas, and has one son named Van.
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DNP-CD Sports

DNP-CD Sports, “Did Not Play – Coach’s Decision,” a brand new, Hot Pie Media Original sports podcast, presented by Odds Shark, combines a humorous approach in unique thought-provoking interviews with some of the top names in sports. DNP-CD Sports is hosted by Sports Illustrated contributor Tony Farmer and comedian and sportswriter Chad Fisher. Hosts Tony and Chad cut out the cliché questions to avoid the cliché answers, giving fans the opportunity to get to know iconic sports figures on a deeper level. DNP-CD Sports listeners and fans will hear about all sports, players, coaches, sports betting (bad beats, line movements and marquee games), and sports pop culture.