Antoinette Villarreal

For over a decade, Antoinette has been fighting to eradicate human trafficking locally, nationally & internationally. As a personal development coach, she works side by side with survivors and individuals to lead their life authentically with selflove & sustainability while conquering goals. Antoinette is an educator and learning development expert for children and adults within the public school system, nonprofits and private sector. She has brought human trafficking awareness and trainings to the forefront of faith-based groups, child advocacy entities and within the private sector. Antoinette has helped change legislation for combatting human trafficking and child advocacy groups by developing trainings, collecting hundreds of signatures and marching on Texas’ State Capitol to improve laws for children and victims of human trafficking. Antoinette maximizes her neuroscience & trauma-informed training to design learning models and curricula across industries including child advocacy, juvenile justice, refugee and education programs. As a leadership and development consultant, Antoinette coaches executives and their organization to improve the advancement of their human capital and business strategy.
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Human trafficking expert and social justice advocate, Antoinette Villarreal, exposes the brutal world of human trafficking, sexual predators and pedophilia. Antoinette lobbies to change human trafficking laws and provides outlets for survivors who have experienced these heinous crimes.