Andy Meyer

Andy has over 30 years’ experience as an entertainment industry executive, film producer and educator. He has served as the President of Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss’ A&M Films, Robert Redford’s Wildwood Productions, and Norman Lear’s Act III Productions. Andy has produced notable films such as Fried Green Tomatoes, The Breakfast Club (giving John Hughes his first directing deal), Better off Dead, Breaking In, One Crazy Summer, Birdy, The Milagro Bean Field War and many others. He is currently on the Film Faculty of the School of Entertainment Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).
From this Host

The Blueseum of Fine Art

The Blueseum of Fine Art, “Where every show is a Blues Festival.” The Blueseum brings you the very best from primitive recordings to live electric performances, featuring the best of the Delta, Chicago, Memphis, West Coast, Texas, British Blues and more. Preeminent blues recordings and archived rare cuts culled from the annuls of yesterday and today. Hosted by Chris Jagger and John Peyton.

Lone Star Revival

The Lone Star Revival is devoted to bringing listeners the most uplifting and inspirational works from Country music’s biggest artists. From Hank Williams’ “I Saw The Light” to Faith Hill’s “There Will Come A Day” and Willie Nelson’s “Amazing Grace,” The Lone Star Revival has gathered the very best inspirational songs from hundreds of artists and has built an extensive music library of archived rare cuts, culled from the recordings of yesterday and today. This ain’t your everyday Sunday hayride...this is The Lone Star Revival! Hosted by John Peyton and Randy Hill.

The Roadhouse Revival

The Roadhouse Revival is one of the most unique music shows in the solar system. Hold on to your grits for the best rockin’ gospel boogie this side of the Jordan River! The Roadhouse Revival brings you the most uplifting works from the world’s greatest artists. Hot Pie Media has gathered the very best inspirational songs from main-stream artists, and has built an extensive musical library of archived rare cuts, culled from the recordings of yesterday and today. The Roadhouse Revival Radio Show is a return to the roots and heritage of America, by blending traditional old school church sounds with soulful blues and rockin’ British undertones. Hosted by John Peyton and Randy Hill.

Old Hippie Show

Gas up your magic bus and take a little trip with Ol’ Uncle Tazz on the Old Hippie Show. Listen in and spark up nostalgia with music that gave peace a chance. From Woodstock to Monterey Pop, Fillmore East to Fillmore West, the Old Hippie Show is strange trip to the past you have been waiting for. Drops Q3 2022.

The Rolling Stones Music Specials

Hot Pie Media presents three exclusive Rolling Stones music specials: Blues Licks, On the Covers of The Rolling Stones and Paint It Blue

Jerry’s Hall of Fame

Chris Jagger thought it was about time that Jerry Hall, a Daughter of the Republic of Texas and honorary consul of the state of Texas living in London, got to be heard in Texas and the U.S. Because Jerry has been living in London for a long time, Chris didn’t want the folks back in America to have totally forgotten about her. Chris thought it would be a great idea for Jerry Hall to introduce some of her favorite recordings and some of the stories connected there and the times she had back in Texas when she was growing up. Jerry Hall exclaims, “Country music, as the songwriter Harlan Howard put it in the 60s, 'is nothing more or less than 3 chords and the truth.'"   “Our enduring fascination with the myth of the cowboy continues. We long for freedom and individuality, honor and integrity. Where men sing Don’t Fence Me In. While more and more of our country loses its small quaint towns and wide-open fields to globalization and consumerism sadness. Cowboys have become all hat and no cow. But get into the land of the Honky-Tonk and you will find a bursting heart of emotion and blues and sadness and longing. Whether you are from Tennessee or Missouri, you will find the same longing of disadvantaged people wanting to get out into a bigger better world.” – Jerry Hall