Aaron Dail

Aaron Dail is the host of Paranormally, the spookiest podcast on Hot Pie Media, along with paranormal investigators, Josiah Henson and Steve Bartel. Aaron, his wife, and their five kids live in the old house with their five dogs, 13 mostly outdoor cats, 26 chickens, and two donkeys. Aaron is the general manager and morning show host of A.D. in the Morning on WQUD-FM, Vintage Radio 107.7 in the Quad City Iowa/Illinois market when he isn't discussing paranormal activity.
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Paranormally investigates and discovers paranormal activity that happens normally, quietly filed in between the pages of our everyday lives. Paranormally interviews paranormal investigators, clairvoyants and mediums to try to solve paranormal mysteries and maybe some of yours as well. Hosted by Aaron Dail.