Shag Arrington

Jayson Arrington, publicly known as "SHAG" on MotorTrend’s top-rated series “Iron Resurrection,” is part of the successful formula of the program. On “Iron Resurrection,” he is the outgoing negotiator who hunts down deals and barters the best price. Shag has a contagiously positive energy and the ability to energize those who share the screen with him. Known as the deal finder and haggler, or "Shaggler," he and Mandi find everything from vehicles for the builds to the hard-to-find parts. Shag also brings in new customers and business through his background in marketing and years of building relationships. Shag's also been featured on “Iron Resurrection: Refueled,” where the cast tells off-camera stories from prior seasons. He has hosted Daily Spotlight segments for MotorTrend during the 2018 Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale. Shag was also seen on an episode of Diners, Drive-In and Dives, when they visited his friend's BBQ joint SLAB! Shag wants fans of Iron Resurrection to be inspired to get out and finish or start a project with their friends or family. He says he always appreciates fan feedback and looks forward to this summer’s car show and shooting more episodes of Iron Resurrection and whatever MotorTrend needs him to do.
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