Ella Anne Kociuba

Art has saved my life. It has taught me many things. And it has given me so much more. I have learned to see that am not only the artist but also the art. I have been doodling ever since my bowl cut days as a baby, I remember staying up late into the night sketching horses and getting lost outside during the day. I was out there running around half-naked, barefoot, and alone with my family dogs... Fast forward to now and I am still running around half-naked, barefoot, and alone with my dogs, however, I ditched the bowl cut and shaved 1/3 of my head. Even did leopard spots in it for a while too. Not much has changed about me. But I have evolved. I've never been afraid to be wild or to express who I wanted to be. To be one with my Native roots and to be comfortable with that edge I always felt deep down inside me. To be vulnerable and honest while also being the most resilient and intimidating one out there. To be gentle yet bold is a beautiful act that we should all experience and the only true way to achieve this is to become one with who we are. To be one with the good and the bad within us and to understand that without both of them, we would not be who we are today. I am the creator of Native Edge Art. I've always been, 'Oh, that's Ella being Ella' vibe and now I am really showing you, Ella Being Ella. Ever since I was in High School I used to play dress-up with my best friend and we 'modeled'. I always admired the emotions photographs gave, a certain mood portrayed through poses but taken so differently amongst those who viewed it. A photo is a story without words that I love to tell and now I am sharing my personal stories and moods with you. Each photo is a raw glimpse of who I am deep down. This is NATIVE EDGE This is me to the world. This is my art. (Ella Anne Kociuba)
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