Dilafruz Khonikboyeva

Dilafruz Khonikboyeva has 15 years of experience leveraging for-profit businesses for public good. As a policy, public affairs and communications expert who has worked globally, Ms. Khonikboyeva is well-versed in high-risk, high-publicity contexts that require planning and partnership building to impact public policy and public opinion. She is a skilled public speaker, spokesperson, and leader. Ms. Khonikboyeva is currently a part of the Biden-Harris Administration. Previously, she spent five years at the Aga Khan Development Network, most recently in global leadership leveraging the for-profit businesses for international development across four continents through the Aga Khan Foundation. She was formerly with the US government for eight years, where she worked on public affairs, partnerships, and policy in response to complex crises. Ms. Khonikboyeva is also a conflict practitioner and certified mediator focused on DEI/justice, change management, financial market access, indigenous rights, climate crisis, and social protest and internet freedom.
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