Céline Remy

Céline Remy is also known as the “Intimacy Angel”. I combine somatic healing techniques to transform my client’s relationship with their body and sexuality. I am a leading expert in the field of sexual healing work for men and women. My mission is to inspire 1 million couples to experience love, passion, and intimacy in their relationship. I’ve dedicated the past 16 years and over 15,000 hours to studying, teaching, and exploring sexuality and relationships. Let’s just say that I am fluent in the language of pleasure and eager to help you have shame-free sex and powerful orgasms. Imagine pushing the boundaries of your sexual exploration, being confident and comfortable in your body. If you spend time on this path, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities, from heightened states of pleasure to full-body orgasms AND a profound sense of joy and aliveness. I’ll show you how to increase your sexual confidence but also experience profound healing from physical trauma, shame, and insecurity.
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