Bak Zoumanigui

Host of FeedBak Podcast| Dad | Comedian | Dance Freak | Nerd | Hip Hop | @hiphopbingo Host/Producer
"Born in Senegal, West Africa and raised near Paris, France, my family moved to Austin, Texas when I was 16. It was not an easy transition. School was tough and I struggled to fit and make friends. I spoke differently, dressed differently, and was stuck spending most of my time studying so I would not get behind my studies. Even though I had my family, I wanted to belong and experience the great things Austin had to offer. I had a passion for dancing. Where do you go to dance when you are 18? Bars and dance clubs, of course. So I started going out and the people I’d meet there became my friends. They were DJs, bartenders, performers, musicians, bar managers, and other party goers. Over the years, I became fascinated with the Austin nightlife. I used to stay late and help the DJ pack while we chat about music. I used to sit at an empty bar to listen to a bartender’s story. There is more to nightlife and going out than just events; nightlife is also about an experience and we all have different experiences. The FeedBak is here to capture those experiences.

The Austin scene saved my life because I was finally able to connect with people."

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