I Got the Blues in Austin – (Digitally Remastered) Available Winter 2022

Films 2018 98 min Music Documentary

Hot Pie Media’s Chris Jagger, John Peyton and Robert Walker take blues legend, pianist, Pinetop Perkins 1913-2011 (Muddy Waters) to see the Rolling Stones and brother, Mick Jagger backstage at the Stones show at Zilker Park in Austin. Stones’ keyboardist and music director, Chuck Leavell and Pinetop jam backstage. Hubert Sumlin (Howlin’ Wolf) remembers playing with the Stones at Madison Square Garden on Let It Bleed. Miss Lavelle White sings the first song she ever learned. Young guitar virtuoso Lucas Martin plays Freddie King. Legendary Jimmie Vaughan and Chris Jagger talk about their brothers, Stevie Ray and Mick, as only they can. Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton of Double Trouble recount the tragic day their front-man Stevie Ray Vaughan died. I Got the Blues in Austin, with Chris Jagger and John Peyton is a spin-off of the award winning Blueseum of Fine Art.


I Got the Blues in Austin includes original music by The Rolling Stones. Songs include; I Got the Blues from The Rolling Stones’ Sticky FingersTurd on the Run and Shake Your Hips from the Rolling Stones’ newly re-mastered, 40th anniversary Exile on Main St. and DJ Blues with Chris and Mick Jagger



 Debuts on Sky Arts TV: UK, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands.

Official Selection of the Orlando Film Festival, November 3rd – 7th 2010: Orlando, FL

Official Selection of the Chicago Film Festival, October 10th – 24th 2013: Chicago, IL

Special Screening at Maysles Cinema, November 8th 2010: New York City, NY

I Got the Blues in Austin” was made possible by the generous support of Mick Jagger, Robert Walker & John Paul DeJoria

DirectorRichard Jernigan ActorsMick Jagger, Chris Jagger, John Peyton, Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin, Chuck Leavell, Joe Ely, Jimmie Vaughan, Miss Lavelle White, Lucas Martin, Tommy Shannon, Chris Layton and Ray Hennig

¡Ya Basta! (Digitally Remastered) – Available Winter 2022

Films 2007 61 min Documentary

Crime is an unfortunate fact of life in most of the world’s major Metropolitan cities, but few have seen a plague of kidnapping like that which has been visited upon Mexico City since the dawn of the 21st Century. According to a United Nations report, there are more reported kidnappings in Mexico than in any nation in the world (usually ten a day), and a corrupt police force and inefficient judicial system allows many criminals to act with veritable impunity. The new wave of kidnapping in Mexico City respects no political, social or economic boundaries, and in 2004 thousands of citizens participated in a mass rally to protest the kidnapping epidemic after an especially ugly case in which two brothers were murdered by their abductors, even though their parents had already paid the ransom. Educator and filmmaker Ricardo Ainslie is a Mexican émigré who examines this unusual crime wave in the documentary Ya Basta. The film includes interviews with several kidnapping victims who survived the experience, a visit with a convicted kidnapper, and the thoughts of a number of authorities who discuss the social and psychological toll the threat of abduction has brought to one of Mexico’s greatest cities. Ya Basta (the title roughly translates as “Enough!”) was given a special “sneak preview” screening at the 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival.

DirectorRicardo Ainslie ActorsExecutive Producer - Robert Walker