#2 – The Breakfast Club (Part 2)

Have some Fried Green Tomatoes at The Breakfast Club with legendary music and film producer Andrew Meyer. In part two of the Breakfast Club podcast, Executive Producer Andrew Meyer talks about the legacy of the iconic film and how it is as relevant now as it was when the picture was produced in the eighties. Andrew also talks about how no one thought this was going to be a hit picture or even in theaters, and how the studio tried to cut out one of the most popular scenes in the movie! Tune in to hear all the stories on The Meyer Chronicles: The Breakfast Club (Part 2). Special thanks to NBCUniversal. The Breakfast Club is available for purchase digitally or via Blu-Ray/DVD.
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    Andy has over 30 years’ experience as an entertainment industry executive, film producer and educator. He has served as the President of Herb Alpert and ...

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The Meyer Chronicles

The Meyer Chronicles, hosted by Hollywood executive producer Andy Meyer and television and music producer Jon Rubin, takes listeners on a journey behind the scenes of the film and music industries. Over his 50 year career, Meyer produced films and cult class ...
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