#1 – Resilience: Jackie Pflug Survives a Terrorist Attack

Jackie Pflug was shot in the head by terrorists and survived! This podcast focuses on adversity and how to transform it into resilience. Jackie’s incredible story gives you the inspiration and knowledge how to get more resilience in your life.
  • Pat PearsonHost

    A seasoned speaker, business professional, psychotherapist, and business builder for over 30 years, Pat Pearson, MSSW brings powerful understandings to every keynote and seminar with ...

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  • Jackie Pflug Guest

    Jackie Pflug survived being shot in the back of the head in 1985 by hijackers. She calls her twelve-year struggle with brain injury, learning disability, PTSD, depression, divorce, epilepsy, and visual impairment a "grateful journey."

Stop Self-Sabotage

Self sabotage...we all do it. If you aren’t happy with your life, you are self-sabotaging. Are you making the money you want? Are your relationships what you desire them to be? Is your health where you want it? If not, you are sabotaging yourself. Pat Pear ...
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