#1 – Peter Joseph

"Chad and Cheatham talk with Peter Joseph. Peter is the creator of the incredibly popular Zeitgeist film series, author of The New Human Rights Movement and his new film InterReflections can be found on virtually every video on demand service imaginable. They discuss a government official in Namibia named Adolf Hitler, how much James Brown’s suspenders are worth, human nature, market slavery, if Peter is a public notary, systemic racism, the new season of PJ’s show Culture In Decline, solutions to this failed system and an F ton more. "
  • Aaron CheathamHost

    Aaron Cheatham is a stand-up comedian and podcaster based out of Austin, Texas. He started doing stand-up in 2004. In 2005 he joined the award-winning ...

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  • Peter Joseph Guest

    Peter Joseph is an American musician, filmmaker, author, and activist. Order Peter Joseph’s films and book: gentlemachineproductions.com interreflectionsmovie.com

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Everyone has a story, and none are the same. Comedian Aaron Cheatham looks to share perspectives that may be overlooked, through thoughtful and fun conversations. Step into the Gray. ...
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