#7 – How to Get Past the Myth of Hard Work in Relationships and Beyond with Céline Remy and Kevin Anthony, Sex + Intimacy Coaches and Hosts of The Love Lab Podcast

Can we let it all be EASY already? This week, Amy talks unpreparedness, going easy on herself, and allowing ourselves to work “easy.” Can we create an experiment to manifest just that? Amy is a believer, so listen to the opening for more there.   And do not miss the fantastic conversation with dynamic sex and intimacy experts Céline Remy and Kevin Anthony! They get very candid about their daily habits as a couple, which keeps them each whole and strong both as individuals and as a couple— and keep their sex life super rocking. These two walk the walk of what they talk, and it’s ultra inspiring. They give practical strategies for a romance list (yes please!), tips for what to do if your partner isn’t as engaged as you would like, how to adapt if you aren’t with a partner, SEX MAGIC starter advice, being in a constant start of arousal, and so much more, including shifting the mindset to relationships as fun and practice and alive. This is powerful, life-transforming wisdom!   Stay until the end for this week’s Affirmation with Amy and her wrap-up thoughts.   Be sure to check out Céline and Kevin at the following links: https://www.celineremy.com https://www.powerandmastery.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvpPiloHyqVBfG_1jqSXGuA? https://www.instagram.com/celineremylove https://www.facebook.com/celineremylove https://www.pinterest.com/celineremylove  
  • Amy EdwardsHost

    Amy Edwards, 47, is a rock musician, radio personality, author, actress, life coach, and the host of the podcast and show “The Amy Edwards Show.” ...

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  • Céline Remy Guest

    Céline Remy is also known as the “Intimacy Angel”. I combine somatic healing techniques to transform my client’s relationship with their body and sexuality. I am a leading expert in the field of sexual healing work for men and women. My mission is to inspire 1 million couples to experience love, passion, and intimacy in their relationship. I’ve dedicated the past 16 years and over 15,000 hours to studying, teaching, and exploring sexuality and relationships. Let’s just say that I am fluent in the language of pleasure and eager to help you have shame-free sex and powerful orgasms. Imagine pushing the boundaries of your sexual exploration, being confident and comfortable in your body. If you spend time on this path, you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities, from heightened states of pleasure to full-body orgasms AND a profound sense of joy and aliveness. I’ll show you how to increase your sexual confidence but also experience profound healing from physical trauma, shame, and insecurity.

  • Kevin Anthony Guest

    Kevin Anthony' The Truth Warrior' is a former tech guy who turned Men's Relationship Coach and Certified Tantra Counselor. Kevin is truly a modern-day warrior who brings both his heart and sword of truth to everything he does. Kevin has spent over 20 years on a personal quest to redefine and discover what it means to be a man and a warrior. In an era of social programming and mass confusion of what it means to be a man and a warrior in life, relationships, and sex - he is consistently challenging his edge and searching for the truth so that he can help others. He holds a 2nd-degree Black Belt in Japanese Swordsmanship and is trained in hand-to-hand martial art combat and weapons use. His journey has taken him around the world on adventures rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and learning. He is the co-creator of the course Sexual Power and Mastery with his lover and wife Céline, "The Intimacy Angel," which is the complete training to develop man's stamina, boost his confidence, and enhance his sexual abilities. He and his wife also co-host "The Love Lab Podcast." His passion is helping other men find and discover their hero's journey of being a warrior; to learn how to be deeply connected to their partner and allow intimacy to showing up in all areas of their life while still feeling balanced as a man.

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Current Episode #7 – How to Get Past the Myth of Hard Work in Relationships and Beyond with Céline Remy and Kevin Anthony, Sex + Intimacy Coaches and Hosts of The Love Lab Podcast
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