#9 – Dylan Avery

Chad and Cheatham sit down for a super interesting interview with filmmaker Dylan Avery. Dylan made the immensely popular "Loose Change: 9/11". Vanity Fair called it, "the first internet blockbuster." He's also created "Black and Blue", a film about police brutality and the rigged judicial system. His newest film about CBD is titled, "The Magic Molecule".   They talk about how much a Michael Jackson signed pillowcase costs, DoorDash being shady af, the low alcohol tolerance level of a 105-year-old lady, Cheatham inadvertently protesting, if protesting is effective, why cops scare so easily, Dylan attempting to showcase his other films and not being pigeonholed as the guy that made "Loose Change", subsisting on Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, laws not applying to rich people, Caitlyn Jenner killing someone, Rudy Giuliani being a gross human and a lot more!   You can find Dylan on Twitter @iamdylanavery and at https://iamdylanavery.com.  
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