#9 – The Digital Pimp (Part 1)

If marketing is so powerful, how does one fight a powerful company that sells children? How can consumers stop a company from existing for profiting on videos of sex trafficking, rape, incapacitated sexual assault? How do we hold a company accountable for videos of revenge porn, and hidden cameras/spycam footage of both children and adults, male & females without consent? How does your, our buying power crush a conglomerate that profits off sexual images and videos without consent?  
  • Antoinette VillarrealHost

    For over a decade, Antoinette has been fighting to eradicate human trafficking locally, nationally & internationally. As a personal development coach, she works side by ...

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Human trafficking expert and social justice advocate, Antoinette Villarreal, exposes the brutal world of human trafficking, sexual predators and pedophilia. Antoinette lobbies to change human trafficking laws and provides outlets for survivors who have exper ...
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