#9 – Ella Fairon: Consent & Rape Culture

April Sexual Assault Survivor Month. Strong welcomes guest, Ella Fairon. She’s working on amazing consent-based education through her non-profit and has designed consent-based lingerie that is launching to support victims who did not survive, Audrey and Daisy. The late Daisy Coleman was Ella's best friend and together they founded SafeBAE. It's a major "consent-based" non-profit movement/organization. Ella is a warrior in this movement. This episode will focus on consent and RAPE CULTURE.
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  • Tessa Torrence NeumannHost

    Tessa Neumann—the 29-year-old stepdaughter of BoDeans’ front man Kurt Neumann — survived both physical and verbal sexual trauma at a very young age by an ...

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  • Ella Fairon Guest

    Ella Fairon is a passionate female filmmaker from Newport Beach, CA. After being a subject in the Netflix Documentary "Audrie & Daisy" she discovered her love for important storytelling through the art of film. After graduating with her Bachelor's in Entertainment Business with a minor in Marketing from the Los Angeles Film School, she went on to start her own female-driven multimedia marketing and production company - Lancelot Media Inc. - which is now producing the sequel to "Audrie & Daisy" titled "Saving Daisy."


Strong takes an in-depth, insider’s view of the #metoo movement and systemic misogyny, dehumanization and sexual exploitation, particularly prevalent in the entertainment industry but present in all communities and across all walks of life. We celebrate th ...
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