#50 – Team Shut Up & Row: Rowing 3000 Miles across the Atlantic Ocean

Team Shut Up & Row is a team of veterans on a mission to row a boat, 3000nm across the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 400 people have ever accomplished this feat, and they plan to do it in world-record time. In this episode, we discuss why they’d risk their lives to make this journey across the Atlantic and how they are preparing for this monumental task.   If you’re looking for information and resources to improve your health, well-being, and performance, then sign up for my Free High-Performance Newsletter. Just go to https://www.erikkorem.com and sign-up now. This Newsletter is my effort to bring zero cost, High-Performance resources, and tools to anyone with the desire to improve.
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    Dr. Erik Korem is a High-Performance pioneer that implemented sports science and athlete tracking technologies with collegiate and professional (NFL) football teams. He has worked ...

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High Performance is a science-based, holistic process of achieving excellence in every field. On Dr. Erik Korem’s new podcast, The BluePrint, he explores the methods and mindsets that build and sustain High Performing humans through his experience ...
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