#4 – Vapor Wave Dreamz with Jane Ellen Bryant and Daniel Leopold

Jane and Daniel come on the podcast to discuss their new project Jane Leo as well as the dystopian cyber phenomena known as Vaporwave music. We explore the genesis of Jane Leo, the genius of Iggy Pop, lifting weights to Lou Reed and find ourselves spiraling through Rugrats conspiracy theories, Thelma and Louise hypotheticals, and the possible birth of new genres like diaper wave and Kitchenware-wave. Dive down the rabbit hole with these two gems of humans!   And when in doubt, remember WWID (What Would Iggy Do)  
  • Lee AckerleyHost

    "Lee Ackerley describes himself as a musical dilettante, meaning he has deep interest in musical arts but lacks knowledge on the on the subject. This ...

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  • Jane Ellen Bryant Guest

    Jane Ellen Bryant is a musician and singer/songwriter from Austin, TX.

  • Daniel Leopold Guest

    Daniel Leopold is the frontman of Leopold.

The Music Fringe

The Music Fringe puts a spotlight on music that falls outside the mainstream. Meet the artists as host Lee Ackerley delves into and dissects their unique sounds and styles. The Music Fringe includes broader discussions on the niche music genres that the ecce ...
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