#4 Clint Bruce: Teams Row & Tribes Flow

Clint Bruce is a former Navy Special Warfare Officer, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, decorated athlete, and seasoned entrepreneur. In this episode, Clint expounds on his concept of Championing and how the differentiating factor for the elite in any field is precision and endurance. He also talks about why he’s dedicating his life to helping leaders protect, perform, endure, and compete while helping veterans and veterans and their families transition successfully.  
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    Dr. Erik Korem is a High-Performance pioneer that implemented sports science and athlete tracking technologies with collegiate and professional (NFL) football teams. He has worked ...

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The BluePrint

High Performance is a science-based, holistic process of achieving excellence in every field. On Dr. Erik Korem’s new podcast, The BluePrint, he explores the methods and mindsets that build and sustain High Performing humans through his experience ...
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