#3 – You’re in a Wizard Rock Band Harry! with Jesse Beaman

Jesse Beaman of My Empty Phantom and Tepo Magico comes on the Music Fringe to discuss the wild world of Harry Potter-inspired Wizard Rock. The Dilettante puts on the sorting hat to discover how and why a multitude of international bands exists in this category while riffing on alien road trips, summoning pagan gods, and the duality of John Lennon.   *This podcast is based on actual events, the nerd levels of Wizard rock bands have not been exaggerated and judgment upon these bands is reserved for God, Dumbledore, and Voldemort alone.   Wizard Rock Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6biJRvHQ6ObT2hxks8crhl?si=Nzj9VkoAQuC6k7AGdedF1w
  • Lee AckerleyHost

    "Lee Ackerley describes himself as a musical dilettante, meaning he has deep interest in musical arts but lacks knowledge on the on the subject. This ...

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  • Jesse Beaman Guest

    Jesse Beaman is a musician, multi instrumentalist and composer based in Austin, Texas.

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