#3 – Football and Life After the Game with Jesse Sapolu

Chad and Tony talk with 4x Super Bowl Champion and 49ers legend Jesse Sapolu. Jesse opens up about the Joe Montana vs. Tom Brady debate and dishes some never-before-shared stories from the 49ers dynasty. Jesse discusses transitioning to life after football, his holdout, a hilarious Merton Hanks story, Bill Walsh, the impact of social media on our society, and how the game has changed.  
  • Chad A. FisherHost

    Chad Fisher has been a stand-up comedian for nearly 10 years. He’s performed at many comedy festivals all over the country and has a bunch ...

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  • Tony FarmerHost

    Tony is a contributor for Sports Illustrated’s SI.com and is a nutrition coach.

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  • Jesse Sapulo Guest

    Jesse Sapulo is a former center and offensive guard for the San Francisco 49ers.

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