#25 – Van Life with Andre Ricks

Chad and Cheatham hang out with comedian Andre Ricks! The guys chat with Andre about his fear of commitment, the Hot Dog Mafia, and living in his van (on purpose) during the pandemic.  
  • Aaron CheathamHost

    Aaron Cheatham is a stand-up comedian and podcaster based out of Austin, Texas. He started doing stand-up in 2004. In 2005 he joined the award-winning ...

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  • Andre Ricks Guest

    Andre Ricks, 34 years old, from Lubbock and Austin Tx. "I am coming up on 4 years in comedy and plan on doing it until I'm covered in dirt or Jennifer Garner tells me to move in with her. I've been a fan of comedy since I was little. I got most of my comedic senses from Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, and the 3 stooges. Growing up in West Texas being a comedian wasn't really a thing my peers talked about so I never thought I would do it as a career until 2017. I've performed all across the world now from London to LA and plan on seeing more of the world on the back of these jokes."

The Gray Area

Everyone has a story, and none are the same. Comedian Aaron Cheatham looks to share perspectives that may be overlooked, through thoughtful and fun conversations. Step into the Gray. ...
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