#23 – The Bakstory with Bak Zoumanigui

Chad and Cheatham sit down with host of The Feedbak podcast, Bak Zoumanigui! The guys discuss how a kid born in Africa and educated in France, became the king of Austin nightlife. And, how hip hop, cartoons, and comedy helped mold Bak when he got to America. Listen, like, subscribe... and check out The Feedbak podcast here.  
  • Aaron CheathamHost

    Aaron Cheatham is a stand-up comedian and podcaster based out of Austin, Texas. He started doing stand-up in 2004. In 2005 he joined the award-winning ...

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  • Bak Zoumanigui Guest

    Host of FeedBak Podcast| Dad | Comedian | Dance Freak | Nerd | Hip Hop | @hiphopbingo Host/Producer

    "Born in Senegal, West Africa and raised near Paris, France, my family moved to Austin, Texas when I was 16. It was not an easy transition. School was tough and I struggled to fit and make friends. I spoke differently, dressed differently, and was stuck spending most of my time studying so I would not get behind my studies. Even though I had my family, I wanted to belong and experience the great things Austin had to offer. I had a passion for dancing. Where do you go to dance when you are 18? Bars and dance clubs, of course. So I started going out and the people I’d meet there became my friends. They were DJs, bartenders, performers, musicians, bar managers, and other party goers. Over the years, I became fascinated with the Austin nightlife. I used to stay late and help the DJ pack while we chat about music. I used to sit at an empty bar to listen to a bartender’s story. There is more to nightlife and going out than just events; nightlife is also about an experience and we all have different experiences. The FeedBak is here to capture those experiences.

    The Austin scene saved my life because I was finally able to connect with people."

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