#23 – How To ‘Be The Tool You Need’ and Consciously Catalyze Your Life with Aline Hanle, Spiritual Guide, Mindfulness Mentor, and Cosmic Compass Game Creator

THIS EPISODE! Wow. Aline Hanle may be one of the most spiritually advanced people I have ever met in my life. I met Aline when she walked in to do this show, and she blew me AWAY the moment she started talking… and it didn’t stop. Aline delves into her personal transformation and spiritual understanding, what brought her to the US from France, and how she created the game ‘Cosmic Compass,’ which we play on the show! But get ready to be moved and inspired by her knowing that WE are the tool— every tool we use, we already ARE. It’s just a matter of listening and knowing, and she tells us precisely how to do that. So…. will I listen when we play the game and she explains abundance to me?   For me today, I finally did a Voilá session with Kimberly and TK Stretching, and it was eye-opening for sure. I share a trauma from when I was 7, and how it has finally shifted, and the practice that got me there. It’s a simple practice that you can do anytime, anywhere!   Listen for all that and so much more today in what is truly one of my favorite episodes! Please rate, review and subscribe and stay up-to-date with my newsletter. Thank you for showing up, you are a total STAR. Know it. You are CHOSEN. And that is beyond beautiful.  
  • Amy EdwardsHost

    Amy Edwards, 47, is a rock musician, radio personality, author, actress, life coach, and the host of the podcast and show “The Amy Edwards Show.” ...

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  • Aline Hanle Guest

    Aline combines her 25 years of experience,  holistic and integrative programs and highly effective proprietary tools (like the Cosmic Compass, Intuitive Blueprint, and many others), to help others become so clear about who they are today, and who they wish to become tomorrow. The strategy to walk the path in between will be obvious, simple and effortlessly transformative.

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Current Episode #23 – How To ‘Be The Tool You Need’ and Consciously Catalyze Your Life with Aline Hanle, Spiritual Guide, Mindfulness Mentor, and Cosmic Compass Game Creator
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