#22 – How To Spiral UP with Cam Nelson, Sky Walker and Performance Coach

Cam Nelson, professional Highliner and Performance Coach, is such an amazing human with so much practice and wisdom! I love this guy and I align with his vision of life so much. But how do we stay ‘up’ when we can be pulled down so easily? Cam shares his beautiful practices, including how he starts his day to ensure a ‘spiral upward,’ and how we really need to put our phones down, especially in the morning. So many amazing reminders and life lessons packed into this episode, and advice on taking risks and transforming your life through dedication and practice. Spiral UP with us! Also be sure to catch Cam’s podcast, The Line to Mastery.   I also share how I have been dealing with grief and loss and change, and three practices around that. Listen for the end for my practices and Cam’s that align, that you can start too!   And ultra-grateful for you to subscribe, review, and hit that 5-stars for us. It helps build this thing and reverberates the good vibes further outward! And, upward! Sign up for the newsletter as well at amyedwards.com. Love you, rockstar!
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    Amy Edwards, 47, is a rock musician, radio personality, author, actress, life coach, and the host of the podcast and show “The Amy Edwards Show.” ...

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  • Cam Nelson Guest

    Highlining Sky Walker Host of The Line to Mastery Performance Coach Redefiner of Human Limitation

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