#21 – How To Take Control of Your Wellness with Brigham Buhler, founder and CEO of Ways2Well

Are you ready to get well-er? Who isn’t ready to hack their health? My friend Brigham Buhler has worked in the pharma and health industries for many years, which led him on a path to founding Ways2Well, a platform that helps people affordably understand their health and take charge of their prescriptions and wellness— without insurance getting in the way. Warning: This episode will piss you off— I challenge anyone to not get angry at the system we are forced to use. But in the best way— one that helps you get healthier in a manageable way. The “health care” industry is rigged to fail us, so hear what is truly going on there behind the scenes from someone who knows, and that it all doesn’t have to cost us a fortune.   Also, I go into self love and share a couple of personal stories about how we are really showing up in the world. Would we get a 5-star review in how we show up? And here I am asking for them…. listen to how that plays out in this incredible episode.   Big thanks to Brigham, too, who was also kind enough to offer new Ways2Well clients a discount with code AMY10! I have loved it and am so grateful for it. This episode is NOT sponsored content or an ad. Just something that I truly wanted to share.   Subscribe, rate, review, join the newsletter crew! Remember that I love you and sharing is a badass thing to do. Spread the good stuff, rockstars! Love to you!
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  • Brigham Buhler Guest

    Brigham Buhler’s career journey in the healthcare system for the last 15 years has taught him first hand how broken the system is, leaving patients without the care they deserve, or information they need to manage their health journey. The average primary care physician has to be a “jack of all trades” and can only spend an average of 8 minutes per patient to diagnose and cover health history-which Buhler felt wasn’t enough. Access to diagnostic information and time spent with patients seemed to be missing in the overall patient experience, says Buhler. Ways2Well was founded in 2017 and launched in 2018 to provide low cost preventative wellness through in depth blood lab analysis; giving patients access, education and solutions to manage their current health states based on lab diagnostics. “At Ways2Well, the analysis of comprehensive blood panels are used to detect genetic and early markers of disease and illness. My goal with Ways2Well is to create a better standard of patient care and make the patient journey more approachable and friendly. We are empowering patients to take control of their health before chronic illness and diseases develop.” Prior to founding Ways2Well, Buhler spent 15 years in the medical industry supporting the nation’s leading surgeons with Eli Lily and Stryker. He is a graduate of University of Houston Bauer College of Business. Buhler is co-founder of Ways2Well sister company ReviveRx pharmacy, a licensed compounding pharmacy headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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