#18 – How To Be HEARD with Sky King, Founder of Modern Stoa

Ready to “gravitationally create”? I mean, who isn’t? This is one of my most favorite conversations I’ve had since I started podcasting in 2014. Sky King, founder of ModernStoa.co, is an expert in the podcast field and podcast marketing, and understands what gets heard. He’s an early adapter, ultra-curious, and interesting as hell. Sky gets very vulnerable about trauma in his past and how he transformed it; talks how he completely changed both his personal work life and got in alignment; how to get un-stuck and out of what he calls “purgatory”; what “monetizing sincerity” means; and whether the podcast market is over-saturated and where it is going (spoiler alert: it’s not oversaturated and it’s going EVERYWHERE). This conversation will speak to you on a very human level, about who we fundamentally are and what we truly all want. Big big thanks to Sky— I nearly cried about 5 times during this one. And don’t forget to download his journal creation with Erick Godsey at thedharmajoural.com.   Also, I talk today about how to allow our physicality to be heard when it is trying to tell us something, and the paradox of being heard on a larger scale. Subscribe to my newsletter at amyedwards.com to go deeper, too, on this.   Stay til the end for this week’s affirmation, or find it on my Instagram at @realamyedwards.   Mentioned: https://www.sleepdiplomat.com/author https://ryanholiday.net/books-courses
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  • Sky King Guest

    Sky King is the founder of Modern Stoa and is an expert in the podcast and podcast marketing field.

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