#17 – How To Tarot and Understand Codependency with Addie Broyles, Writer, Tarot Card Reader, Podcaster

I have a lot of thoughts on forgiveness this week— namely, forgiveness of ourselves. How can we do that on a small scale, like when we fall off of good habits, and on a larger scale, like when we look back on things we find shameful? What practices can we implement to truly forgive ourselves when we fall into beating ourselves up?   Addie Broyles comes in today to take the mystery out of tarot and also provide her codependency expertise. I had a codependency fog descend in my own life just this week, and I needed help, and what a gift her knowledge provides. She explains that, and then takes it all further by providing tarot readings with a focus on grief and codependency. She explains a lot about understanding tarot for anyone, and does a very cool three card reading for me during the show! Also, stay til the end for her final message, which even she didn’t expect! You can follow @dontfearthedeathcard on Instagram to learn more or sign up for a session at dontfearthedeathcard.com. Also look for her new show, "Addie and Dani read Tarot," coming this summer.   My Instagram Live Meditation on Forgiving Yourself.   The Deck Addie Uses, Tarot of the Holy Spectrum, is HERE   Addie is a longtime writer and community builder in Austin. She’s a founder of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance and a mom of two boys who writes about parenting, travel, and real healing and whatever else she’s interested in on her Substack, which is called The Feminist Kitchen. She has two upcoming podcasts: “Addie and Dani, Read Tarot” and “Class Reunion Podcast.” This spring, she launched Don’t Fear the Death Card, a tarot card reading service that specializes in using tarot cards for team building, grief work and codependency.
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    Addie Broyles is the food writer for the Austin American-Statesman. She has covered home cooking, grocery stores, new products and farmer’s markets since 2008.

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