#16 – The Grammys: Are They Grooming Society?

Over 1000+ complaints were made about a particular performance at the 2021 Grammys. Some labeled it pornographic for families watching while others named it the best performance ever. Who really is responsible for teaching our young people about WAP? Is it the creator /performer or the parents supplying the demand?
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    For over a decade, Antoinette has been fighting to eradicate human trafficking locally, nationally & internationally. As a personal development coach, she works side by ...

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Human trafficking expert and social justice advocate, Antoinette Villarreal, exposes the brutal world of human trafficking, sexual predators and pedophilia. Antoinette lobbies to change human trafficking laws and provides outlets for survivors who have exper ...
Current Episode #16 – The Grammys: Are They Grooming Society?
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