#16 – Make the Impossible Possible

Have you ever thought I can’t do this or make that much money... it’s impossible? Ingrid Vanderveldt joins Pat to share how she helps women internationally make their financial desires possible. Ingrid is the Founder and Chairman of Empower a Billion Women, former Entrepreneur in Residence at Dell for Business, and one of Oprah’s picks as a woman of influence.
  • Pat PearsonHost

    A seasoned speaker, business professional, psychotherapist, and business builder for over 30 years, Pat Pearson, MSSW brings powerful understandings to every keynote and seminar with ...

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  • Ingrid Vanderveldt Guest

    Ingrid Vanderveldt is a successful businesswoman, media personality, and investor. She was the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Dell and is the founder and current CEO of the Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 movement. She is the creator of and manager of the Dell $100 million credit fund, and a member of the 2013 United Nation’s Global Entrepreneurship Council.

Stop Self-Sabotage

Self sabotage...we all do it. If you aren’t happy with your life, you are self-sabotaging. Are you making the money you want? Are your relationships what you desire them to be? Is your health where you want it? If not, you are sabotaging yourself. Pat Pear ...
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