#15 – How To Love it ALL (And We Mean ALL) with East Forest, Music Artist

This week, I realize that I have gotten what I have asked for— ways to be kinder to my body and appreciate this physical experience more deeply. I went into a k-hole, got covid, and did ice baths. It was a lot! I had to shift how I have been relating and thinking about my physicality, and maybe you can too.   In the interview, this week, get ready to have your mind blown, reassembled, and then blown again. Repeatedly! East Forest— also called Krishna— possesses wisdom and humor and is just flat-out interesting as hell and so much fun. He talks about God, too, in here, and how we can truly love it ALL. Is that possible? Listen and let me know what you think.   Don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe, and sign up for the AE newsletter at amyedwards.com!
  • Amy EdwardsHost

    Amy Edwards, 47, is a rock musician, radio personality, author, actress, life coach, and the host of the podcast and show “The Amy Edwards Show.” ...

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  • East Forest Guest

    East Forest is a contemporary classical, ambient, and electro-acoustic artist from Portland, Oregon.

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