#12 – How To Alchemize Grief with Marina Pirkle, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Grief Recovery Specialist, Healer and Coach

Amy talks about how to keep our hearts open and love more fully in the face of resistance that comes up, the benefits of Breathwork and her recent session with John Barry, and a simple self-love practice that can keep our hearts more open to love and relax our minds while falling asleep.   Marina Pirkle joins today to talk about grief and how we can find the tools we need to deal with it when it arises in all its overwhelmingness. This episode is for everyone, as we all process grief at one time or another. Marina shares about her very dark time of learning about grief and almost taking her own life in the shock that was the aftermath of the death of her sister, who was also a daughter to her. Amy shares her own grief from her father’s passing and a friend who passed recently. How can we get more out of our heads and into our hearts, and what will that bring us? She answers this and more and addresses the new mosaic of self that can be created after we are broken. Marina also generously offers free resources to all of us that you can access HERE.   Mentioned: https://www.newtoninstitute.org/books/journey-of-souls-dr-michael-newton-1994 https://www.aubreymarcus.com https://untetheredsoul.com  
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  • Marina Pirkle Guest

    Marina Pirkle is a clinical hypnotherapist and modern-day magic woman. As you will hear in this episode, she uses hypnosis to help us reclaim our magic and get into that flow we all so desperately want. According to Marina, we make life so much harder than it needs to be, numbing out on everything from staying in a job we hate to more serious addiction. She’s seen it all and today’s episode will convince you that the mind has the power to heal anything.

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Current Episode #12 – How To Alchemize Grief with Marina Pirkle, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Grief Recovery Specialist, Healer and Coach
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